Tight Fit

Relationship between the Solid and Void 

This project involves into two parts. The first part is in design aspect. We will create a 3D form that is consisted by two surfaces from 2D and 3D cutting operations. With 2-part molds, which allow us to explore solids and voids of this volume. And these two surfaces should be met at least one key point. The second part is in fabrication aspect. We will utilize a 3-axis CNC mill to create these 2-part molds. Beside the mold production, we should also pay attention on casting process. In the beginning, we learned the whole process from preparation to casting. Mold designing is an issue in this project. How to produce an usable and perfect mold is an important part. In order to reduce the risk in demolding, we want to produce a set of mold which has the less connection parts. According to this notion, we just locate a connection point between 2-part foam molds, then design separately. The connection point would form a hole in casting. Therefore, we take this hole as our inspiration. We create a “Pantheon” with two different features instead of a brick. By parametric design, we create the pattern of rooftop and the form of vault. Due to the hole, the effects of light and shadow are dramatic. This project comes from a practical concept and results in a satisfied effect.

year: Summer 2018
type: Digital Fabrication  / Material Research course: MS Practicum, Taubman College
partner: Shan-Chun Wen  
advisor: Catie Newell, Asa Peller
status: Completed

size: 8” X 8”  X 12”
location: Ann Arbor, MI  

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