3D Tiling

Polystyrene Vacuum Forming

3D Tiling aims to develop a 3D tile or series of tiles that aggregate to create a complete 3D surface. How to create a complicated surface through an efficient way is the goal of this project. To achieve multiple patterns and maximize efficiency, we created an identical unit which could be arranged in four different directions. Through combining CNC Router and vacuum machine, we contrived a workflow of production unit molds. Because the unit is identical, we only need one CNC-milled positive MDF unit. With vacuum machine, we could get vacuum-formed molds as many as we can. Through arranging in a different orientation, we could achieve 16 different continuous patterns between two units. Additionally, a lightweight unit could be achieved by integrating Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). Therefore, this module system provides not only an efficient production process but also a practical assembly methodology.

year: Fall 2018
type: Digital Fabrication  / Material Research
course: Material Engagement, Taubman College
partner: Shan-Chun Wen
advisor: Glenn Wilcox
status: Completed

size: 12” X 12” X 3”
location: Ann Arbor, MI  

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