Light Leak

a Lamp Design 

This project aims to transform 2D cuts into 3D maneuvers. With the Zund as the primary machine, we will cut thin paper forms which can be assembled to encase the bulb and socket. The relationship between the cut pattern and its aggregated logic will be the key to interact with light. Based on the statement above, I try to design a 2D pattern which can be folded into 3D form by itself. In this case I want to create an intricate unit through a simple assembled way. By scale change, even the profile of units are same, the units still can be formed into a complicate shape. According to the definition of mathematical geometry, we can assemble a polyhedron by regular faces. In geometry, a regular icosahedron is a convex polyhedron with 20 equilateral triangles. Therefore, I design the three-petal units to form a sphere lamp. With the zip tie as the joint, it provides not only an orderly and simply assembling way but intricate feature of the lamp. Through the tessellation of units, the effect between light and shadow is fascinating and unpredictable.

year: Summer 2018
type: Digital Fabrication  / Material Research course: MS Practicum, Taubman College
advisor: Catie Newell, Asa Peller
status: Completed

size: 40cm X 40cm  X 50cm 
location: Ann Arbor, MI  

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