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Lighthouse Sea Hotel Competition

The lighthouse of Murro di Porco, which always locates between the edge of the land and the coast, has a charming and attractive scenery and also has a tranquil and peaceful moment. The main concept involves the relationship of humans and built surroundings so as that we improve quality of the journey and increase the experience of environments and buildings. A journey reflects a course of exploring the truth sensation about the site: always before achieving the destination which stimulates people to keep animating forward and seek deeper.

Moreover, the idea is inspired by a sense of “Oku”, which penetrating the layers of an onion; it implies something abstract, profound, innermost, extending far back, least accessible and deep. The word “Oku” was initially chosen by Maki Fumihiko to indicate the particular sense of city and architectural space. By infusing three-tier systems: one of the systems is integrated tour center in which creating the progressive experience between the open space and the close space and also combining the environmental ecology exhibition and local historical culture. The second system is youth hostel, which provides the facilities include a reception, public bath, service yard, restaurant and living spaces. The last one system is seawater researching center that not only offers the education and nature conservation spaces but also contests aquatic sports or similar entertainments.

These systems with different functions create a new meaning for blending the lighthouse and the ocean where preserves ample protection of resources and are also efficient ways to enrich the sensory.

year: Winter 2016
type: Architecture Design
status: Competition
location: Maddalena Peninsul, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

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