Concrete Twine

Flexible Formwork for Concrete Curves

The workshop explores a flexible formwork system for materializing concrete curves in space. Due to the resistance and elasticity of the mold consisting of 3D printed TPU nodes and off-the-shelf PE pipes, it is possible to build thin concrete structures with a minimal amount of material. The flexibility of the mold allows for self-calibration of the catenary network when the concrete is poured. Hereby, material behavior and computation are collectively used as tools for form-finding, calibration, and fabrication. From this project, we will learn how to embed material behavior and structural requirements into the computational model for a flexible system. We will employ material properties and physics as tools for form-finding, in both, digital and physical models.

year: Fall 2018
type: Digital Fabrication  / Material Research course: ACADIA 2018, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
partner: Maryam AlJomairi, Hong-Fen Lo, Misri Petel
advisor: Rena Giesecke, Francisco Regalado
status: Completed

size: 100cm X 100cm X 140cm
location: Mexico City, Mexico

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