Textile Hybrid Structure

Bending Active and Tensile Membrane

This project investigates modes of computational design which place materiality as an a-priori agent in the generation of complex structural morphologies. In order to explore the relationships of material and form, we engage methods of form-finding through both physical prototyping and computational simulation. Therefore, to comprehend the workflow of Knitted Textile Structure, we were divided into 3 groups: (1) Digital Modeling, (2) Boundary, and (3) Knitting Group. As a member of Knitting Group, there are four main topics to explore: (1) The relationship between stitch patterns and resulting forms, (2) The different performance between Nylastic and monofilament, (3) How to translate stitch patterns into Bitmap. (4) To understand the operating principle of the CNC Knitting Machine.

year: Fall 2018
type: Digital Fabrication  / Material Research course: System Engagement, Taubman College
knitting group : Yi-Liang Ko, Maryam AlJomairi, Misri Petel, Shan-Chun Wen
modeling group: Mohammadmin Aghagholizadehsayar, Lucas Denit, Joon Kang, Abhishek Shinde
boundary group: Mike Foster, Hong-Fen Lo, Isabel Newton, Hana Nguyenky, Maria Redoutey
advisor: Sean Ahlquist
status: Completed

size: 110” X 100” X 81.5”
location: Ann Arbor, MI  

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